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3 min readMar 24, 2021


History shows that banks, governments and financial systems are corrupt and
Sensitive to changes in the global economic situation. Buckscake seeks to offer our users a decentralized financial system offering Decentralized, more transparent and economically viable blocks-based services Instead of services traditionally provided by centralized institutions.

We are faced with challenges and uncertainties every day as a result of unpredictable global events that cause economic shocks and instability. Thus, the need is growing in a decentralized, comprehensive and reliable financial system that works for everyone. Still being in the infancy, cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial systems prove that there is an impartial alternative to traditional financial services that are provided. Everyone, especially those who need them. Thanks to decentralized financing (DEFI) BUCKSCAKE offers users the opportunity to make money, Making bets and revenue on our single platform without risk to lose your funds.

The security of user funds is the biggest priority for BucksCake. The focus is on transparency and security. VXI token contract smart contracts will be reviewed by the best audit companies. Team tokens, consulting tokens, and marketing tokens will be securely stored in a smart contract with a limited validity period. The initial liquidity tokens will be blocked on Uniswap, and their address will be published to all users.

What is BKS ?

BKC is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximal recoil of the Ethereum ecosystem for everyone with access to the internet. BKC is unique by it’s providing a completely secure and transparent experience proved by smart contracts and a powerful token system. BKC offers a lot of services, ranging from staking and yield farming, that users can got access on the unified BucksCake platform. Users are interested in placing their tokens with the liquidity provider Uniswap. Commissions from these tokens are farmed. The percentage of these commissions is distributed according to an autonomous strategy, like the liquidity of the LP token, and is converted into (ETH-BKC) buyback (increasing the price). Any purchased BKC tokens will be delivered to stakers/farmers. BKC has a strong impact on every token. Every time BKC token is transferred, a small commission is charged straightly by the farmers. This mechanism of work encourages holding and farming. The maximum number of BKC tokens is 450,000 units. And there will never be more of them.


The BKC staking protocol allows users to stake ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, WBTC, BNB(ERC20) and of course BKC using a specialized Staking DApp. By a locking period of 72 hours, users can directly control their own tokens. The BKC Staking DApp can be found at:http://buckscake.com/staking.

Yield farming

Yield Farming, or as some call it Liquidity Mining, is the main pillar of DeFi’s advancement in the blockchain space. Yield Farming is a way to accumulate income from invested funds. BKC Farming allows you to earn rewards for providing liquidity in various liquidity pools. Users will be provided with guaranteed payouts from Uniswap commissions. The amount of the reward depends on the number of tokens provided for the liquidity of the pool.

BucksCake Website link: https://buckscake.com/

BucksCake Telegram Group link: https://t.me/BucksCakePublicChat

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BucksCake’s Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/bucks_cake

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